I Have to Find a New Place

I am not going to be looking for the best apartments in Hermitage TN perhaps, because I have to keep saving my money so that I can think about buying a place of my own. I am looking for a piece of land here near the Cumberland River and thinking about what it is going to cost for me to build a house of my own. If it made more sense in the long term I might think about getting a really cheap mobile home and parking it on a piece of land. That would not really make sense, but it would allow me to live on my own place and start working on building a house as I was able to afford it. You want to do something different, but of course you have to think of the big picture and how hard it is going to be to get enough money together in a reasonable amount of time.

I am going to have to get out of this place, because the other tenants are simply off of their rockers. Just about every other night there seems to be some sort of craziness going on around here. Some of them are having feuds with one another and they make an incredible amount of noise at times when I need to be getting my rest. Of course it does not help that I have to get out of bed at half past five in the morning. So when some jerk is raising the devil at all hours of the night that is a huge problem for me. In fact I think my next door neighbor is close to pulling out his rifle and putting a few holes in these guys. He has a lot hotter temperature than I do about this stuff.